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PLC for Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs)

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Recently, I've started to work on automatization of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) equipment. I know that it is possible to control both the pressure  and temperature values during the process using PLC and VisiLogic software. However, one of my goals is also to control the MFCs using PLC, During the process I use 4 different MFCs which are controlled by additional controllers, acctually 4 MFCs and for additional controllers. I would like to control all of the MFCs from one PLC. The types of MFCs I use are:

1. FUJIKIN FCST 1005 (M)L,



In addition, all the controllers are calibrated for different gases argon, acetylene, hydrogen and helium, and also for different flows.


So my question in the end is: Is it possible to control those MFCs using Unitronics PLCs? And if yes, what functions/block I should use in VisiLogic Software?


Thanks for reply.


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Thanks for reply. 

I think this link might be useful: http://www.technofittings.com/pdf/HoribaSTEC-fluid-control-catalog.pdf

It contains some information about electrical connections and so on (p.19)


Also, if you do have some kind of guide or something, that actually could give me more info about how to connect devices using protocol blocks, it would be grate.



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The document you posted states that the Horiba unit can use either F-Net on RS485 or DeviceNet.  The Fujikin model also mentioned DeviceNet.  The Fujikin didn't say anything about F-Net, so that would be a question for them as to whether it was the same thing.


You have a couple of options:


1.  Get DeviceNet on all controllers and get a DeviceNet to Modbus converter to communicate with all the meters.  Unitronics does Modbus very well.


2.  The best guide for learning to use the Protocol block is the example programs and the Help in Visilogic.  You'll need the protocol definition for each of the devices you want to talk to and a computer with a terminal program and a USB to RS485 converter to help troubleshoot your code.


3.  Use an Allen Bradley PLC which is capable of supporting DeviceNet natively.  Unfortunately, Unitronics can't do everything.


Joe T.

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