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Analog input not working, new Samba SM35 instrument

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I tested a new SM35 and the analog inputs are both not responding as I expect:

Having connected a 0-10V signal at born 10=I5-AN1, the value i get fluctuates only between 934 and 973. Disconnecting input gives me also the 934 value.

I expected to have 0-1023 or so.


Jumper settings are:

JP4 and JP8 set on "B"

JP10 and JP9 set on "A"

JP12 set on "A"


in Attachment my simple program to check this analog input.


Can'f figure out what I'm doing wrong.


Can I somehow reset the firmware to default?


Please help




AnalogIn Test.vlp

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I tried the program, still getting no exact values: the MI4 goes from 91 until 95 (according to 934 and 973 for MI2).

Your program is certainly ok and was a help for me.  I think my SM35 is simply broken!  I will return the instrument to factory.


tx for your help!



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According to your first post you have set JP12 to "A" which in NPN(sink) digital inputs.

According to the Samba specification NOTE 2

"• If the digital inputs function as npn, analog option is not available."

Try setting JP12 to "B" and see if this works.

Also change your wiring for PNP digital in.




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