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  1. Hi Flex Look at the description below for SB108. This may resolve your issue. Regards Denis
  2. Hi Khom If you wire the PLC the way you have shown and output 0 comes on you will short out your 24v supply. Do NOT connect 24v to one side of the output and 0v to the other (the output is just a switch) As Aus asks, let us know exactly what you are trying to do. To bring on the output you need some condition in the ladder to trigger output 0. You are correct with linking the contact of the output to the MB to change the image on the display (you can also link direct to the output) Regards Denis
  3. If you have done a lot of downloads to the PLC data can get stored in registers where you might not have intended. Every now and again it is a good idea to download a blank program and do an initialize and reset. then try your program again.
  4. Hi Aleix When you disconnect the wire from terminal 9 of the PLC and put a meter in series with the input, what reading do you get. make sure that the polarity of the meter is correct with the negative probe in terminal 9. Do you get the same 8ma or -8ma or nothing. If nothing re-check your wiring. If -8ma reverse the wires on 6 and 7 of the INOR. If it is 8ma re-check the jumper settings and the hardware configuration in the program.
  5. Hi Aleix Are you using the same 24v supply for the INOR and the PLC? If not make sure that both 0v are common for the supplies.
  6. Hi Rainer1 The Alarm displays are already built by Visilogic. You don't need to create a display, just call the display in the display in the ladder. Its difficult to see what you get if you don't have a PLC running.
  7. Hi Tim You can use any document program like WORD to type the symbol you want. Then copy the symbol and paste it into the TEXT AFTER field. Regards Denis
  8. Under the Vector tab you can use the bit to numeric or numeric to bit. For the source of the function you can select inputs or outputs.
  9. In the examples that come with the program installation there is an application called "Alarms with time stamp" This is in the database folder "Normally" at this location C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics U90 Ladder\Examples\Data base It might help to achieve what you need.
  10. Yes. Thats what I have done before. The only problem is that if the problem is not sorted after the reset the power will continue to cycle on and off.
  11. There is no description in visilogic, but I have used SB90 many times to indicate a loss of communication. I know it works with a snap in block (goes high if the block is removed) I think it will also work with external expansion.
  12. Hi Nicklamp Please see below link, it gives the ranges for standard and enhanced controllers. At the bottom of that there are further links to webinars that will help setting up. if you have succeeded in reading MI's then you have the hardest part done. To read MI's you probably used the modbus block 3 - "read holding registers", for inputs use block 2- Read Inputs. Input 0 will be 6000h https://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/vision-and-modbus-communication
  13. That is a video I would definitely watch. The chiefs at Unitronics should jump at this offer. would make a great training presentation for all levels of user.
  14. When you are setting up a display, select numeric elements on the right hand side. Here you can assign an IP address or IP settings box that the user can use to modify addresses
  15. Thanks Aus/Joe Hi Aus - yes I did the repair via the system restore. I had a recent backup done and tried this first but it failed. Joe - I have followed the steps you suggest. File downloaded with no problems. Thanks for the help
  16. Hi Not really related to this topic, but related to downloading the file. I use Firefox browser. When I tried to download the file above and selected to save it to disk, the file appears to download but after a few seconds windows crashes. This happened twice before on another laptop, however this is a new laptop and it happens again. Windows explorer keeps trying to restart every second so I cant troubleshoot anything. The only way to get back working is to restore from a backup or do a system restore. Any ideas if this is a Windows, Firefox, Unirtonics or just me?
  17. I think this should be a message on the header of all posts. For example I get a default message when I post stating the following "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator". Many new posters get frustrated when their post is not posted, read or solved immediately, not realizing that this is a voluntary forum. When people try to post there should be a message advising them of this and also if they would like to also send to the official UNITRONICS support. It would be easy for the forum designers to include this than everyone needing to set up their individual messages.
  18. Hi I think the unit is listed in the remote I/O user manual. Try this link https://www.unitronicsplc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/UniStream-Remote-I-O-User-Manual.pdf
  19. Hi KVJ When you have a situation like this where you do not know if the program is the same and if you do a download there is no way to go back you should consider the following. A V570 PLC is not a very expensive unit. If you convince your customer to invest in a spare unit, you can try the new program in that unit and see if it behaves as expected. If it does not work, just put the old PLC back. Regards Denis
  20. Hi Put the DOK into your PC Connect to PLC with ethernet cable In UNISTREAM click on "UNISTREAM MANAGEMENT" and then "REMOTE UPDATE" Half way down the window that pops up select DOK as the "target drive" Click on "UPDATE" at the bottom of the window and the PLC should be updated with the latest version.
  21. Hi On your initial post you mention that you can ping the PLC. Even though you cant go online because of a firmware mismatch, you should still be able to use the remote update function. You dont need the SD Suite just a blank SD card. Its possible that a USB stick in the PLC will also accept the files. Regards Denis
  22. Hi If you can communicate with the PLC over ethernet then you should be able to update using the remote update option. You will need an SD card in the PLC in order to accept the download files.
  23. Thanks NoamM I will upgrade to the latest version the next time I am on site. I can see the "clear alarms" bit in "ACTIONS" but this only clears all active alarms. Is there a bit I can set to clear the alarm history? Normally after commissioning and testing a system I have many alarms that I have tested. I dont want the customer to see these alarms or he will think the unit has had major problems. Forget the second part - i found the location of the clear button in the properties window. Regards Denis
  24. Hi Alex Thanks for your reply. The unit is on site and has been running for a year. This is the only issue I can see. I dont like upgrading the software on a unit that is working unless I have a good reason to do so. It is difficult to get downtime on the machine and they normally give me a very small window for modifications. Do you know if this is a known issue with 1.28.34 that has been solved with later versions? Also is there any way to completely wipe the alarm history? Regards Denis
  25. Hi All I have a unistream 10.4" PLC+HMI. I am using program version 1.28.34 I am using the built in alarm function and also using the alarm history. The problem is that when an alarm occurs it does not always get added to the top of the alarm history list. I have set the view to default by date. I am using the date format dd/mm/yy If i get a new alarm it sometimes appears on top of the list or sometimes if I scroll down it will be in the middle of the alarm history. Does anyone know if this is a known issue with this program version. I dont want to upgrade unless I have to. I also considered clearing all alarms and alarm history as something may have been corrupted during project development. Is there a way to completely wipe the alarm history? Any advise would be appreciated. Regards Denis
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