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Using Wi-Fi to download programs from PC to PLC

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I have V560 and Netgear wnce2001, the idea is to make a wi-fi connection and using the connection to download programs from PC to PLC. Netgear is setted up to use static IP and it is connected with V560 using LAN cable, Ethernet card is added to the PLC. Unfortunately, I have some unclear points. Firstly do I need to use TCP/IP Card Init and how to set up the block? The parameters (IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway) inside the TCP/IP Card Init must be equal to the parameters inside Netgear? Do I need to use TCP/IP Socket Init and TCP/IP Connect/Close? 


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When using Ethernet TCP/IP protocol on the PLC you need to the TCP/IP card init to configure the IP address/mask address and default getaway of the PLC.


The ip needs to be one that is in the same network as the netgear. The mask depends if the ip address is class A/B/C. In general a mask of is fine.


the default getway will be the ip of the netgear.


Use soket init to configure a specific port. if you go to VisiLogic help under soket init you will see that he ports have a default setting.


Connect/close is use when the PLC will work as master using TCP protocol. If this setup is only to download application from PC to PLC you will not need connect/disconnect.


To download application from the Pc to the PLC through Ethernet you will also need to use the PLC name FB.


Under help menu/examples you can find a folder called communications. There you can find some examples on using TCP/IP on Vision PLCs


Please note that the PLC must be conected using a Ethernet cable to the Netgear.

Unitronics PLC does not support Wifi.

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