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building a string using multiple MI values

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I'm using V1210 and i want to build a list of strings from MI values coming from a table:


For example:





I want a string DW1 with '4 min 30'


lin 2



DW2 must be '5 min 40'



Reason: I want buttons with the complete variable text '4 min 30' on the screen. (to select the correct time)


Is this possible?





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Thanks for the answer.

Not that easy to build 10 lines but it works :)    Strange there isn't an easier solution for this.  A button behind textfields on the HMI would also work but is not possible...


On the screen I have the different lines displayed now, but how can I highlight the selected option?

See attachment for the example.  I want the selected line in another background color....


is this possible?


Thanks a lot.



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