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  1. @Cara Bereck Levy Is there already some progress in adding this feature? It would save me and others a lot of time... It would be nice if this feature also would be added in switch case, formula, ... Kind Regards
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a method to divide or multiply all entries in an array by the same number and store this into another array. [1,2,0,1,0,0,1.....] x 20 = [20,40,0,20,0,0,20,....] Is there any way to do this without generating a loop. (the MUL and DIV functions doesn't support an array as input.) UDFB or c code? Thanks
  3. Hi, i'm struggeling to have a UDFB to store the PLC timestamp in a string with the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS This is highly needed to insert timestamp values in SQL tables with the datatime field or timestamp field. I tried to use the RTC to ASCII UDFB but this format is not possible, also not when combining strings. A simple UDFB should do wonders here
  4. This will enter the date of the insert, not the date from the local datastruct. Good question because we need this also... we need a timestamp value in a locak table structure. Maybe the string format YY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS will work?
  5. Hi, I want to create a pulse train just like the build in SB3 or SB7, but I need to define the length using an MI on the screen. For example if MI=12, an MB must toggle every 12ms Is it possible to create this in visilogic?
  6. Hi when I put an ASCII field on the HMI with keypad entry, I cannot enter a plus sign into the field. When pressing the 1 button, the signs are displayed, but there is no + sign. I want to enter a mobile nr starting with + (fe +4467232323) Thanks
  7. Hi I just installed the app on my iPhone 6, latest ios. I added 3 Vision PLC's 230 and all of them have the green hand and are online (I can get the PLC information, and the connection check is successful) However when I try to connect to them I have the error "Connection Error - connection to PLC failed) Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Hi I'm trying to build some logic to charge batteries in a loop but I don't know what's the best solution for this. (vision 130) I have 8 outputs (with external relays) and I want to activate them one by one. we have 1 load system and 8 batteries. (see picture) This must be in a loop and the charging has to change to the next battery every t minutes. so O1 comes high, then stops and then O2 comes high important: between switching of and turning on the next output we need a small delay of D seconds to avoid short circuits. when a battery is not used we have to skip this one. (we can see this using the MB101->MB108) when a battery comes in we have to charge this one next. we only have MB101->MB108 for the status of the batteries (connected/disconnected) and 8 outputs. If MB103=0 this means battery 3 is not connected and must not be charged, we need to skip this output. When MB103 becomes 1, this means that this battery must be charged next because it was last in use. When we disconnect a battery (MB->0) , the charging must stop immediately and move on to the next battery I think i need a kind of table to do this but I never used this before. I don't know if I can do this in vigilogic without a table? any help is welcome.
  9. Hi, we use vision and visologic for years now and want to move to unistream, but is it possible to receive sms messages with unilogic/stream? I can't find any information regarding receiving sms messages, it looks like they can only send them out?
  10. This is what I tried... i don't know if this is a good method. other suggestions are welcome. We change time the last sunday in march (from 2AM->3AM) and the last sunday in october (3AM->2AM)
  11. Hi, Is there any way to automate the daylight saving time in the vision models? If this is possible in visilogic, do you have an example code?
  12. Hi, i have exactly the same problem with an infora and vision130. on the pc it"s working perfect, but not with the PLC. i did all actions (prepare plc side modem, pin code, ...) correctly did you ever had a solution for this problem?
  13. I tried to update the OS from a V130-33-TR20 but it stopped after the erase. I can't get it back to work, tried everything, even removed the battery. After retrying the Com1 port disconnects after the erase. I tried all baud rates.... I can't even run te plc, after restart it displayes factory Boot 01.003.07 dec 30, 2010 any ideas?
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