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Linking Trend widgets to Samplers

Robin P

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I would like the HMI user to monitor Trends from up to 100 similar input feeds - these are gas flow rates. I obviously have to define 100 Feeds, but if I were to put them all in the one Sampler and link the Trend graph to that Sampler then the user would have to step one-by-one through these Feeds to get to the one of interest, which is tedious. If I define a number of Samplers, each covering a different subset of the Feeds, then it seems I have to create for each of these a separate HMI screen each with a Trend widget linked to a different Sampler. Maintenance of such a set of HMI screens, keeping them alike, now becomes laborious.


Is it possible to programmatically switch the Sampler or the Feeds associated with a Trend widget? If it were, then we could enable the user could do this via a single HMI to access the Trend of interest.




Robin Proctor

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Hello Robin,


Thank you for using our Unitronics Forum.


As of now, there is no way to indirectly link samples to the trend widget.  However, one possibility may be to overlap the widgets and change the visibility of the trends according to a button push or have the user choose the graph from a list.


Please let us know if this works for you.

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