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Good day! 
I would like to communication connect EX-RC1 + IO-D16A3-TO16 + IO-ATC8 to PLC v1210
I made the download of new project to ex-rc1..ok


But i have a question, what can I have to do for read this values I/O in my ladder installed in v1210?

If possible explain me step by step because all examples that i see haven't similar case.










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There is an example program included with Visilogic for using the EX-RC1. I would look at that first.


You're going to use the UniCAN protocol to communicate with the EX-RC1.


I don't have experience running one yet, but this link: http://www.unitronics.com/forum_old/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1336  from an old topic may help.




Also I just stumbled on the following link this morning:



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