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Need help on mSec Pulse

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Hello Michael,


Thank you for using our Unitronics Forum.


We do not have a system bit that will perform a one shot every 500ms.  What you can do it create ladder for it using our timer.  Please follow the logic below:


* coils are notated by ---(   )---   and contacts by ---[   ]---

   and I have written what they should be/related to inside them. 


Net 1: ---[ Inverted contact: Timer0 (00:00:00.50) ]--- ---( Timer Coil: Timer0 (00:00:00.50) )---


Net 2: ---[ Positive Transition contact: Timer0 (00:00:00.50) ]--- ---( Whatever you are trying to activate )---



By this logic above, a one-shot pulse will be generated every 500ms. 


Please let me know if this helps, or if this is not the type of pulse you were referring to.

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