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I am using a V1210 with visilogic, I was in the process of deleting an HMI display from the tree on the left of the GUI when the attached error occurred.


Visilogic shut down and when restarted is tells me that it did not shut down properly and I can recover the file by clicking OK. If I do this I get the same error but then I need to use task manager to stop the process before I can restart Visilogic again.


So it looks like my file is unrecoverable (I am using source control so only a few hours work is lost!)


Is there anything you can do / suggest???


I cannot attach the file because it is too big (738K).






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Some further information....


I came into work this morning and restarted my PC, the file that was broken yesterday now loads with no problems. The HMI screen I was in the process of deleting has been deleted.


Although I am relieved that the file is OK, I'm a bit concerned that this could happen again. I'll be checking the file into source control more often!



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Hi Petercolquhoun,


What is the OS of your PC? (win7/win8/vista?)


Please ensure that you are running the software as administrator. (right click on visilogic icon > run as administrator). You can also set the software to run automatically as admin in the properties for the visilogic. 


please update us on the results. 





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