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Common Data Table to Multiple V1210

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Good Day,


I am working on a project with 13 V1210's linked via Unican.  It requires a shared data table between each of the 13 V1210s, with 3 of the 12 V1210s having the ability modify the data table and then update the data table at each of the 13 V1210s via positive transition on a change from any of the 3 controlling V1210s.  I have considered DEE with Window macro software to update over Ethernet, was hoping there is a more stable, less PC dependent and non macro dependent solution.  Any ideas?





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Hi Mike,

With Unican, you can send up to 16 MI's in every message. you can extract a data table row to a vector of MI's and then send it to each of the PLC's in the network (depends on the size of the data table - you may need more than one Send Unican function block to send the whole row.

I made two applications to demonstrate a way to make this work. The first will send a whole data table row in a sequence that will send the whole table in the same subroutine, while the second will receive the data and distribute it to create a duplicate of the original data table. Please note that this is far from ideal and is only suitable for small data tables (if the table is too long you will get a watchdog error do to scan time length).

A more sophisticated solution is to create a logic that will send only the values that were changed by the user. This will prevent high traffic over the bus.

Also keep in mind that you need to send these messages to every unit separately.

V570_Unican_receive DT.vlp

V570_Unican_Send DT.vlp

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Thank you Eyal.


It has worked very well for single MI, yet my challenge is passing stings on the data tables.  I didn't think there would be an simple solution, however I have become a little more creative.



Good luck with that Mike.


If you need further support you are more than welcome to contact us at support@unitronics.com, or keep posting in the forum

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