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SMS fooled by spam messages?

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A customer complained that his V350 stopped responding to his SMS commands.


He says he was getting a code 4 in MI "SMS status message" (of SMS configuration FB)
Code 4: (Scan only)The SMS message received does not exist in the SMS configuration


He removed the SIM card from enfora modem, inserted on a cell phone and noticed there were several SMS spam messages. He cleared them all, reinserted the SIM and system returned to normal operation.


Is there a way to force an "erase all messages"?

Is there any other explanation for what happened? Too many messages in SIM card?




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Hello Amir.

When initiating the Modem using the com int FB there is an option you can check "clear SIM (all stored messages)".

If selected, when you initialize the modem then it will also clear the message on the SIM card.

You can add a buton before this FB so each time you have this issue you can initialize the modem once more and clear sim from messages.

Another option you have is when using the SMS configuration FB select the option erase unidentified messages from SIM.

This option will delete the messages receive that are not configure on the configuration.

Hope this helps

Best regards

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Hi amirm,

I will add a bit to what EduMarg explained.

There is an option to "Erase unidentified messages from SIM in "SMS Configuration".

Then in conjunction with "Clear SIM" at startup this will automatic delete messages, not defined in SMS configuration.

Spam SMS will be deleted when arrived.


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