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UniStream / UniLogic suggestions


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I just have some suggestions of what you could add to UniLogic, it would be great if you could consider adding at least some of these or if they're already planned, please tell me an ETA.




Use struct variables for rows instead of columns.
When you use struct variables for columns, it feels like I'm wasting a lot of space since the name of the values are longer than the values themselves. (16 char vs 4/5)

There should be an option to switch between using column and using rows.
Move variables within a struct (change order).
When you make a data table, it uses a struct and the variables within in the order they were added.
Make UDFB variables optional.
Well, when you make a Function IN variable in a UDFB, you have to put something there. You can't leave it blank and you can't set a "default" variable there.
More settings for everything.
Having a plc that is easy to get started with because of the functions that are already there is ok, but if you add more settings to HMI elements and the IDE itself, you'll have a plc that can compete with both easy and complicated compeditors. I personally miss the settings for text and object size in the IDE (which is a couple of many settings you could add). On the HMI, I miss dynamic element positions and angles, and you can't change the spacing between rows in the data table.



Merging HMI elements.


It would be really nice if you could group up HMI elements and save them for later in the library.



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Hello Exouxas

I think that copy paste from Hmi elements to the webpage Could Also save a lot of time.

Now if for example you have a I/o field in a Hmi screen and you want to add this same I/O field to the webpage you have to make it

Again.I can understand that this maby difficult for unitronics because the technique behind the webpage is totally different then the hmi screen but it would be very nice.

I find the web server a very good feature and my compliments for the Unitronics team because on the market it,s very difficult to find a plc + hmi in one unit that has so many features as Unistream has for the same price.



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