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Disable buttons for remote operator


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Hi everyone,


I have a question... Is any possibility to disable part of buttons for remote operator? For example I want to restrict a posibility acknowledge of alarms only for operator from HMI panel.

PLC: UniStream, software: UniLogic 1.9 rev.19 , remote operator or any VNC client


I'm waiting for answer






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Remote Operator is for Vision PLCs, and it is not possible


On UniStream you can view the PLC using VNC, and it is not possible to disable parts of the screen only on VNC, since VNC (like remote operator) shows the actual screen, and if an actual person clicks a button on the HMI, the VNC client will see it. (The HMI has only one client/user)

You don't have this feature on any other remote control system (Like LogMeIn, TeamViewer, Remote Desktop, etc). You either have full control, or view only.


You might, on the other hand, use Web Server and make web pages with roles (And since different clients can see different pages, then it is possible).

Currently you will not be able to disable a button for specific user, but rather build a differet page for him

(Our support has a very beautiful example of web server with roles).

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