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Visilogic stop working and no longer opens on windows 8.1

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  The w8 stopped the visilogic and showed this error message:"Load9 The database engine Microsoft Jet stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time." We've tried reinstalling, delete the root, but always reports that another user is trying to use the program at the same time

Anyone have any idea what ode be?

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Just do not open the project in which we were working at the time of the issue. If we try to open the project that caused the error, the visilogic hangs and we need to stop the process by task manager. In the window that asks if we want to recover  need to "cancel" to open a new project. But we have one day of hard service on this project that is corrupted ... It would be nice if we could save it !!

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