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  1. Buy recently a JZ20-T40 with Ethernet add-on card MJ20-ET1. Remote Operator works on PC but on android and iOS only communicates (SB24 on state) and shows "connection to PLC failed!". Does anyone know if there is any forecast to work on mobile phones or am I doing something wrong? I still want to send a video of the operation of the RO in external networks (WAN), but I do not know who to send, just sending to the support, it is usually necessary to explain the same thing over and over again.
  2. Is there a PLC installed somewhere that we can access to get in doubt about the speed of RO usage in Apple and Android apps?
  3. Thanks Guy Sela, First, the V570 red screen only happens under RO use, on Ipad happens 3 times and android app more times only on LAN network at normal use. The delay on images files uploading are not the problem, we use the apps for RO at the beginning and ever are very slow. The clients consider the RO on PC slow too but they get used. I imagine it is some limitation of the PLC or the ethernet card when we access from the WAN. I try to made a movie from the RO on WAN in 4G mobile and other fast network. Will send to the support, can I address the mail direct to you?
  4. All PCs, IPCams, other brands of PLCs work perfect with time actualization over NTP. Same Vision works well on ping, Modbus TCP, modbus RTU, etc... only stoped to receive correct data from AAAAALLLLLLLL NTP servers. Question: Is this incorrect number a system generated number? More infos: Other V570 on other locations with another ISP work well on Time actualization, only this one not.
  5. In the version for android, which I tested, in the LAN until it works well, but in the WAN it is extremely slow when changing the screen, it blocks the application or, what is worse, it gives red screen in the PLC (Vision 570), what makes it a Extremely dangerous application. The Pc version is also extremely slow on the WAN (I've been using it for over 9 years and there's never been an improvement in the emote operator with Internet connection).
  6. When I request the service to the ntp server I get only the largest 32-bit integer in response. * Occurs only on a specific network. * We tested with other plcs on the same network without adequate response. * The same PLC in other networks updates the NTP perfectly. * In the network with problems, we changed the router that was working along with another V570 in another network without problems, changing only the configuration of the ISP, and nothing to update the time correctly, always in response we get: 4,294,967,295 ... Any idea? We have already talked with the support of the Brazilian ISP (COPEL Telecom) and they suggest that the error occurs in the machine or the router, but I have already verified that basically the error does not come from any of them ...
  7. Just do not open the project in which we were working at the time of the issue. If we try to open the project that caused the error, the visilogic hangs and we need to stop the process by task manager. In the window that asks if we want to recover need to "cancel" to open a new project. But we have one day of hard service on this project that is corrupted ... It would be nice if we could save it !!
  8. The w8 stopped the visilogic and showed this error message:"Load9 The database engine Microsoft Jet stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time." We've tried reinstalling, delete the root, but always reports that another user is trying to use the program at the same time Anyone have any idea what ode be?
  9. Hello everyone !! Usually read everything that appears in the forum and this afternoon was over 3 hours trying to use the "dns resolver function" and could not reply from the DNS server. The solution was this forum topic. It was enough to make the change of protocol "udp" to "udp raw" and it worked perfectly. Many thanks Joe Tauser. Now I will try the solution from "linxchas", because I used one of the specified ports.
  10. The problem only happens in the download of the program, the communication is just interrupted and then it is generated a mistake report that the own Visilogic asks to send for the unitronics support. We are not changing anything else in any other remote V570 with fear of be without getting to update these also. For the time being they are alone three customers that we didn't get more to assist remotely and we have to go until there. I don't also know why the program needs to be of this size, however it should be something necessary. Some people of the forum are thinking our problem is of communication, but it is download problem after the last versin it being installed. Somebody knows if it is possible to return to the visilogic 9.3.0 and yours corresponding OS, or to install her again?
  11. It was sent July 26, but could not attach the program, because it was more than 50MB! I'll resend. Could you send me a confirmation of receipt?
  12. It was sent July 26, but could not attach the program, because even compressed, it was heavy! Could you send me a confirmation of receipt of the email I sent?
  13. Hello! I can no longer download to the V570 via ethernet only via COM1. With 9.4.0, at the beginning happened once in a while and now I can no longer download the program in any way for LAN, I have to connect the serial network. I get notifications that communication fell after "Build info DLUs tables." The remote operator, online test from visilogic, webserver, Modbus, and other communication protocols are normal. I already sent the data to support and am waiting for support. Somebody had something similar, or any thoughts?
  14. Indeed, if the "Webserver" had access security, greater capacity and page functions as a on-off button, push button, a slider to adjust registers and a sort of bar graph to display registers, I would be good for most of iOS applications. I think all who have a need to access your OPLC via iPhone, iPad or android, and serves the Webserver, could opine to come to a consensus of the real needs and that the team can then study the case! Still I wonder if anyone has used the scadamobile "Sweetwiliam" about modbus IP for access the Vision over Iphone ou Ipad ...
  15. Has anyone used the Scadamobile from Sweetwilliam in modbus for interface with the iOS? We also need interaction between an iDevice and our OPLCs, but safely. Develop something using normal webserver ( Not advanced ) looks good, but lacks the level of security!!!!
  16. Here the same problem that also has "bdanders", the entire screen with a new image hangs the OPLC, when the image is removed everything is back to normal. But with that, all projects are stopped until the problem clears. The problem occurs in V570 with new OS and visilogic 9.3.0.
  17. Needed some example of this type of application. I see that there is not a very common application, a rotating shaft in one direction only and we need to know what your angle, but that's what we got ... It is possible to do?
  18. Ok I'll explain further. In this shaft which rotates in one direction to at most one rotation per second I have attached an encoder with 360 points where we use the A or B signal and the signal Z (reset). We need to know the precise positioning at every turn. Like most PLCs have a fast reset input, we never use interruptions to reset the 360 angle. I think it would work, but I have no exactly idea how the U90 works with this interruptions in this case !!!!! We could continue using the physical input reset, because we have speed control on the engine that drives this axis and thus "zero " the angle in super slow speed ...
  19. Ok. Any idea how to use this OPLC M91 to know the angle on an axis that moves from one to sixty revolutions per minute in one direction?? Or just using a vision?
  20. Hi!! We have an application that involves an M91-2-UN2. We hope to use the HSC function reset (Hardware configuration). Digital input I2 apply the counting pulses (360 pulses per revolution) and the I3 to the reset, all square signals, taking the signal off and on the same duration. The shaft moves in one direction only. The problem is that the reset signal ( I3 ) is not resetting the counter in less than 6 ms, but the count signal (I2) are being counted strictly accurate about 10kHz. Correct if wrong: With 60 revolutions per minute a reset and count pulse have approximately 1.4 ms. UN2 manual says the minimum pulse of HSC is 40us. We also can not enable the SB10, and do not create any software in ladder, just configure the "hardware configuration", download to the OPLC and observe the counter MI in Debug Mode.
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