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Tools collection by PLC type Visilogic 9.7.9, Win 8.1 pro, Samba,

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I install VisiLogic 9.7.9 on Win 8.1 PRO machine. It ran without problems while...connecting SAMBA. 

VL change tools collection for SAMBA - it's OK!

When I open older project for V350-TU24 - VL can't change tools by plc type.

I can't access to Alarms and other VL tools.

My steps:

1. Remove/install VL. Run VL. VL automticaly open last project and demage VL. Opening new project not helps.

2. Remove/install VL. Remove last project from its location. Run VL. VL can't open last project, creates a new - OK:) i have all tools while ... open last project.

My VisiLogic is "SambaLogic" at now!


Only one way helps me:  Remove/install VL. Remove last project from its location. Run VL. VL can't open last project, creates a new for V350. Find and Open the project which had no relationship with "SambaLogic"


Where is problem?

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Hello wer,


From what I understand, you are receiving an "Invalid Tools Collection" error when switching from a Samba application to a V350 application?  And when you try to re-open VisiLogic after it has crashed, you are not able to access certain tools in VisiLogic, such as the alarms?  --Is this correct?


It also appears that when you open VisiLogic after the previous project has been deleted, you are able to open your V350 project without any issues.  --Is this correct?


Are you running VisiLogic under administrative rights?  (Please right click on the VisiLogic icon and select "Run As Administrator.."  and see if this problem still exists.)  Also, have you installed VisiLogic with UAC turned all the way off?


Please let us know of any error messages you are seeing, and when they may occur.  Please let us know of your results.

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