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When I saw this topic I was hoping it was addressing 1 of my pet peeves but it wasn't. When I write a program I pretty well comments every net which makes it easier to understand 5 or 10 years down the track when a customer wants a change. With other plc types/programs I will commonly print out the program to aid in flicking backwards and forwards to see what I've done where. With Unitronics U90 Ladder the printing is painful. It seems that if there is a comment per net it will then print 1 page per net which with my current program I am working on would equate to 200 pages. Most of what is on the page is a massive Unitronics header and a title block. Despite the "look" of the U90 ladder program looking like it will fit better onto A4 portrait paper it gives you no choice but to print in landscape, with the headers and title block and with 1 comment/net per page. Surely 1 title block in the 100 page printout is enough.

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