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Hello , I try to save the values ​​on an SD card into an Excel spreadsheet and I want these valaurs be associated with the date and time of recording .
I know he must use the block ' RTC to ASCII ' . except for the date it works well , but for now not at all, and I do not understand why.

I enclose my blocks. 

When I record my values ​​MI150 MI151 = time = date and MI100 = value , I get a time that is written 1129/01/15 , which does not correspond at all to an hour hh: mm: ss



rtc to ascii.bmp

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As you probably know, ASCII is protocol for characters representation. Every character is stored in one byte of data. In visilogic, ASCII strings are stored to MI's, hence two characters in a single MI.

For a full date to be represented, you need to store 9 characters (8 for the actual date + NULL character), which translates to 5 MI's. This information also appears on the format selection in the RTC to ASCII function block.

So, in your application the date should be stored in MI150-154, and the time should be stored in MI155-159 (or anywhere you like).

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