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Difference between Samba and V350

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These two models are pretty different, their main comparisons are really the size of the unit and that the are both color touch screens.  Memory space is greatly different between the two.


The V350s are for more complex and feature rich applications and big, whereas the samba are for simple and small applications.  Some overall differences are:


1. Their memory space differ a great deal.  If you do not need much memory, the Samba is perfect.

2. Expansion I/O: the V350 supports the local expansion adapter (EX-A2X) and the remote expansion adapter (EX-RC1), whereas the Samba only supports the EX-RC1 (via CANbus)

3. The V350 supports external storage via an SD card, whereas the Samba does not support SD capability.

4. The V350 supports web server capability, the Samba does not.


Some differences specifically between the V350-TR20 model and the SM-35-T20 model are:


1. The HSI and HSO frequencies -- TR20 can handle 200kHz in, Samba 30kHz in.  TR20 can handle 200kHz out, Samba 500Hz out.

2. TR20 contains relay outputs, the SM-T20 contains only transistor outputs (at 24VDC out).


I believe these are most of the main differences between to two models.


Hope this helps. 

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