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Need a little direction

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SI252 is only valid for the standard series controllers.  The V130 is part of the enhanced series.


If you go to the "Links and Jumps" tab on the HMI editor, you can link a bit to the display for an "Is Active" status.  The bit will be on when the display is being viewed, and off for when the display is not viewed.


Let me know if this helps.

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Ok I just had to do a double take on that one.  I literally have dozens of different V570 and V1210 programs that all use SI 252 for a multitude of functions. ............ They have work fine and correctly.


When I look at a PLC with debug turned on and I monitor SI252 it shows the correct screen number for every screen I go to for both SI252 and SI251(previous screen).  I know in Visilogic it says for standard only, but to be honest I just figured that somewhere in the past this had changed and the notes were just in need of updating because I have been using SI252 for the last 2.5 or so years and have 250 - 300 PLCs out and about that all work as I need them to.


I have worked enough problems that just because the answer seems to work it really does not when tested more vigorously.

Have I stumbled into a magical place where this only works for me by accident and is going to blow up in my face sometime in the future?




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Hello Keith,


To add to my previous response:


I checked with our team and SI252 is supported with Enhanced series controllers as well.  So you should have no issues.


For your initial issue, is the MB not being set when the according screen is displayed?  Would the "Is Displayed" bit in the links and jumps section of the HMI not a viable option for your application?

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