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sensitivity problem

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i m taking two voltage analog input and linearize them so i can read tempreature and purity value 


But the two value dont have enough sensitivity , input voltage is changing between the rate of  0-1 volt but the real engineering unit is 23.45 Celcius


how can i fix this issue ?


(i use the sample linearize program of the unitronics U90 software)

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i realized that my linearization code doesnt work for this issue


i read 445 mA as an input(MI 1) but it couldnt be converted to MI 11 


SI 84 value isnt changing (0) and SI 85 is always 20.


how can i see the changing of the MI 11 value ?


(i attached the screenshot of my linearization code )


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i solved the two problem :)


i want to take data from aquis 500 cr transmitter to the unitronics then i can export the data to excel


now i am struggling to linearize the MI 1 value as seen in the code


it seems that the sample linearization code doesnt work


my read values from the MI 1(4-20mA) and desired values are listed (left MI 1- right desired):


what function or mathematical calculation should i use for MI 1 in order to obtain the desired value ? 



485(mA) - 6.81(mikrosiemens/cm)


484 - 6.80


624 - 10.2


615 - 10.0


612 - 9.90


606 - 9.76


600 - 9.61


550 - 8.40


483 - 6.76


480 - 6.70



(i connect the -/ + terminals of analog output aquis 500 cr(transmitter) to the COMMON/AN 1 terminal of unitronic jz 20 r 16 )


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Are you using the linearization code block?  If not, it may simplify things for you.  Referenced from page 120 of the Ladder Programming manual from Visilogic


What you need to know for it:


Bit rating of your analog in, 12 bit versus 10 bit, you MUST use the correct bit rating reference or your linearized value will come out wrong.


10 bit Use:

X - Analog input MI

X1 - 204

X2 - 1023

Y1 - zero point you expect at 4ma

Y2 - Max value you expect at 20ma

Y - Linearized Value Memory Integer or Long


12 bit Use:

X - Analog input MI

X1 - 819

X2 - 4095

Y1 - zero point you expect at 4ma

Y2 - Max value you expect at 20ma

Y - Linearized value Memory Integer or Long



0-150 pressure sensor on a 12bit sensor with two decimal places


X - MI1

X1 - 819

X2 - 4095

Y1 - 0

Y2 - 15000  (150.00 represented as an integer)

Y - MI2

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