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General recommendations for selecting Vision vs UniStream

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I think it might be useful to pin a post at the top of this forum with general situations or attributes to consider when selecting Vision vs UniStream controllers. When might it be better to use Vision over UniStream? What situations or requirements call for using UniStream?


I can think of a few:


-Networking is superior with the UniLogic software, but if you wish to communicate by Ethernet with more than 4 other controllers or external systems, UniStream is FAR better.


-UniStream provides compatibility with VNC apps, which can be important to some customers.


-UniStream uses dynamic memory allocation and addressing. This can be important when developing very large projects.


-UDFBs in UniLogic can save a lot of programming time when there are repetitive situations.


-Vision provides for more choices in HMI screen size.


I think a list like this, with recommendations by the Unitronics staff, would be extremely useful to developers and System Integrators.

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