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Experienced, Certified Unitronics Programmer

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  • MVP 2023
I am a Unitronics Certified System Integrator with over 8 years of experience with Unitronics controllers. I have expertise in all three major Unitronics PLC software platforms - UniLogic, VisiLogic, and U90. I am available for small and medium projects by contract or can consult by the hour to assist on your project or train your personnel. I am based near Dallas, Texas, but can often help remotely by phone, email, or Skype to reduce or eliminate travel costs.
I'd love to help you meet your project goals. Message me directly through this forum for contact information, or see below:


blanier at arc-controls . com

( 972 ) 979 - 7781

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Guest Michael


Looking for help pulling datable files from vision and unistream hardware into csv located on a pc by using hmi triggers. Is this something you can help with?



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Not sure. I have muliple vision and starting with unistreams that I need to automatically send recieve non compressed .csv files from plc data tables. The plcs are connected via ethernet to pc. Looking for someone to help explore the options.

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I am looking for a programmer to take my visilogic and update to the new Unilogic for our wind turbine control system please give me you contact number so I may get in touch with you.



Best regards,


Christopher A. Filos



Polaris, LLC

P.O. Box 486

Allenwood, NJ 08720

614.540.9310 - direct

908-670-3788 - Cell


E-mail Cfilos@polarisamerica.com



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