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The EX-A1 will officially be discontinued and no longer available for order as of July 29th, 2011.

We now producing the EX-A2X instead.

The new isolated adapter EX-A2X is 100% substitute of the older, non isolated EX-A1. The advantage is, that the communication with the new module is more stable and as result the cable length can be up to 20 meters. EX-A1 in fact supports up to 1 meter.

Important note:

The cable for use with EX-A1 is different and not compatible with the cable for EX-A2X and XL modules with build it adapter EX-DI16I3-…. In addition, the cable for EX-A2X has direction – one side must be connected to the controller and the other – to adapter. The cable, of course, is clearly marked.

Just small “tip” – the cables for EX-A1 are with gray connectors, while the cables for EX-A2X and EX-DI16A3-… with yellow. You can use this “tip” for first look reference. Of course, then it will be good to check the part number on the cable itself.

I hope it helps.


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