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Issues with UniStream and UniLogic


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  • MVP 2023

I've dived into UniLogic full time now and am thoroughly impressed with the capabilities. Here is a list of items I would like to provide feedback on. Most are minor, but issues I'd like to see considered. I am using version 1.12.20. I realize that version has now been superseded, so if any of these have already been addressed, please let me know.


I'm adding issue #0 to the top of the list - the HMI screen does not update in a dependable way. There can be delay up to nearly a second for various HMI events to occur that should be simultaneous. Also, running animation by using "List of Images" is painfully bad, with strange stuttering delays. The delay when bringing up a keyboard for string element entry is way too long. I realize there are valid reasons for this, but it needs to be dramatically improved.


1) Can you adjust row height, font, and justification when displaying data tables on screen? If not, this needs to be added ASAP.
2) Runtime editing of slave IP addresses is critical and needs to be available. Network administrators sometimes want to make changes and I don't want to have to get on a plane to make that simple change.
3) How to create, upload, and download clone or application files (SD card)? I can't find any information about this in the Help file.
4) All HMI elements should have Touch properties (that was a great feature in VisiLogic). All text elements should have button appearance capability.
5) "OK" button in Message Box does not seem to trigger the associated action. Is this a known bug?
6) Replace function does not replace the tag name or alias. It also needs to be capable of handling an array.
7) A momentary contact pushbutton should be an Action selection (i.e. pushing the button energizes a coil while the button is being pushed) rather than needing two lines to Set the coil on Pushed and Reset the coil on Released.
8) Complex HMI screens can be very difficult to build due to not being able to see the edges of an element when it's selected. In VisiLogic, most elements can't overlap, so it was easy to just slide an element over until it stopped. At that point you knew the elements were precisely adjacent. You can't do that in UniLogic since elements can overlap. I find myself selecting an element, moving it a few pixels, deselecting it to see where it is in relation to an adjacent element, re-selecting it and moving another pixel, etc, etc. This is a time-consuming and painstaking process. Is there a better way? Also, in VisiLogic the selection box disappears briefly while the element is being moved to help in placing it precisely.
9) How do you select an HMI element for editing that is behind another element without moving the element that is on top?
10) In VisiLogic, every HMI screen element was exactly pixel perfect (i.e. what you saw on the PC screen in VisiLogic was exactly what you saw on the PLC screen. This is not the case in UniLogic. I've run across several instances already in my short time using UniLogic that what Is seen on my PC does not match the PLC screen. It looks to me like the HMI screen (for a UniStream 7) in UniLogic is 800x500 on my PC instead of the correct 800x480. This scaling might account for the problem.
11) It would be handy if a 2x magnification of the HMI screen was available, even if the whole screen didn't fit in the window, to allow for more precise placement of HMI elements. This was very helpful in VisiLogic.
12) Under the Tools menu, what does "Find Undersize Images" mean? I can't find any Help entry on this.
13) We desperately need an UNDO that works properly.
14) Rotating an image element 90, 180, or 270 degrees can blur it substantially. That shouldn't happen. Blurring at other angles is probably unavoidable, but those angles should be direct pixel translations, it seems to me.
15) There seems to be very little difference between 0% and 100% screen brightness. Can the screen be turned off to extend life?

And, of course, these 3 age-old requests from the VisiLogic days:

1) Software PLC simulator

2) Ability to run 2 instances of UniLogic and be able to copy/paste between them

3) Ability to open multiple windows within a single instance of UniLogic so that we can look at ladder and HMI side-by-side.


Thank you.

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