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Formula Instruction "Bug?"

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I've noticed that I need to be careful when writing any formulas with MI operands.  Depending on the order the equation is written in, the STL token list is different.

If there is any division that is happening that could result in a result for that particular term to be LESS THAN 0, the 0 propagates to the result even though regular order of operations would be otherwise.


For example:

(A - 3277.0) * (150.0 - 0.0) / (16383.0 - 3277.0) + 0.0


If I start by typing in the divisible term first:
(150.0 - 0.0) / (16383.0 - 3277.0),


the result of this will be 0, because in the STL token list the division is evaluated first then get rounded down to 0 as an MI.


However when I change the order I am typing, so that the first thing I write is:

(A - 3277.0) * (150.0 - 0.0),


Then the STL list executes a multiplication first and the scaling is correct.  


It took me forever to figure this out, and there is no mention of this in the manual.


Is there any way to give us the ability to edit the STL tokens rather than rewrite equations?

Better yet, are there any plans to just fix the way the STL is generated so it doesn't matter in what order the equation is formed?




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