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PID I-term behaviour

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I have a problem with V120´s Pid function. When controller has accumulated large I-term, it will not reset even controller is turned off, or even with "Force err I"-function forced to 0. Next time PID is started, it starts with that large accumulated I-term.

Is there another way to reset the I-calculation?

Function used is PID A-tune, controller V-120-22, VisiLogic 8.6.3.


Mika A

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Hi Hightech,

You give the medicine without knowing the ilness. What you'r4e offering can work, of course, but:

1. Force integral error to 0 must work! I don't know any case someone else claimed it doesn't work.

2. I'll be glad to know more about Mika's system.Whyintegral error increases so critical?

3. Mika - can you take a log with PID server and observe CVi? You can add in your application PID module Read Control component and then add relevant MI for CVp, CVi and CVd in PID server. This will give you very clear picture of what is happening withhin your PID.

4. Which OS version you're using?

5. How you're performing Force Integral error?

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