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V570 Import/export DT to excel need example

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Hello I am working with recipe control and data tables at the moment using SD card. I need example to import/export data tables, because one that I found write only 1 cell in excel, and that cell becoming full of "0CSV" words. So basicly I want to do , pushing button on HMI and all data table from PLC would be exported to SD card or existing Data table from SD card would be imported to PLC data table memory with same name.


I attached file with my try to do this... 1st it wrote a lot of "0CSV" in one cell, now it doesn't work, just shows MI6-> status integer message of 128 then i try to export..




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Is this your entire program?  You don't have anything to monitor the SD card's status in the logic.


Also, you probably want to allocate more than 6 characters for a DW on the last line.  The delimiter for the last line should be 0D (carriage return), not 2C (comma).  You're just writing one huge line, not a line for each entry.


Joe T. 

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