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Explosion Proof Enclosure

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Hey Folks,


I have an application that will require installing a V570 with in a hazardous Class 1 Div 1 area.  I am looking to put a V570 inside an explosion proof enclosure, with a glass window.  I would like to press the V570 touch screen against the glass window, to allow the operator access to running parameters.  Does anyone know if the V570 touch screen will work behind a glass window, that it is in contact with?



Richard McSwain

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If possible, can you entertain a totally different option.  If you are in a C1D2 area and you have the ability to install an LEL monitor (Lower Explosion Limit) monitor then you are allowed by code to reduce the affected panel to a C1D2 status.  This reduction will get you out of using the NEMA 7/9 enclosure and leave you with either a panel that has 100% C1D2 compliant parts in it or a purged panel (in either case your touch screen becomes available again.  There are nuances to doing this and you will need to research what you need to do, but it does get you around an existing problem.


NEC code pertaining to LEL monitors is in section 5 of the code book.


Good Luck


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