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CPU does not count


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I have a problem with the software.

After programming screens (graphics).

I started to program on the logical part.

None of the logical internal calculations.

But the touch screen can change the variables, when I look into wacth.

I can jump from screen to screen.



As shown in the figures.

the first part of example should add up whole period and in the second part should be attributed solely in response to the key pressed.


If I post the finished examples of websites Unitronics and behave exactly the same variables ragout touch on the screen, but there is no internal calculations.


Thank you for answer.



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Thank you for your answers,


I sent it to support, support resolved through remote management. (He worked on the problem for about 2 hours)

I wrote to him about the details so that he wrote to me about what the fault was.

Unfortunately already written off.

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