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Wireless Remote IO


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Does anyone know a way to operate one or more remote io wirelessly? I would like to use a Unistream HMI with PLC to control several remote io boxes located within about 100' of each other wirelessly. I am thinking that this canned one using a wireless can bus adapter but I have no experience doing this so I wanted to see if anyone has done this before and if so, what hardware was used?

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Are you refering to EX-RC1? if not then what is the interface of the remote IO?

For example if it is third party remote IO which support Ethernet - you can connect routers , one at the PLC side and one at the Remote IO side and communicate over Ethernet.

iIf you are referring to EX-RC1 then we dont have expirience with CANBUS wireless adapters but if tehy are transparent then the configuration should be the same as in our examples.

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