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System and IO-TO16 run at SOLAR +/-12V?

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Hi again all,


I have a need for running a control system from a 12V battery based solar system (hence innately smooth) that is boosted by a smooth supply which is not needed very often.  The untreated voltage ranges from 11.6 to 14.4, and the controller itself will eventually be involved in the switching of the booster.


Will likely be a V130 with a full range of direct expansions....AN in/outs, DI & TO....but maybe ROs.


I am fully prepared to be running a quality buck boost converter to either run things at a stable 24 or 12.  But for greater efficiency I would love to get away from this need and run things direct.


Many of the controllers have 12V input, along with the expansion adapters and IOs, (like the "-L" variety) but then we move along the IO array to an IO-TO16, say, and it says the supply must be 20.4V minimum.  I have had a peek internally at the SSRs and the specs for them say they can work down to 10V, so:


1).  Can the IO-TO16 have this raw voltage of 11.6 to 14.4 applied and work ok?  Or does it really need the 20.4 to 28.8 in the specs?  TOs suit the job much better than relays.


2).  Does everything that says it can run at 12V need a pure 12V or can they tolerate the range I am talking about?  I can find a range for the 24V in the spec sheets but nothing about 12V.


3).  If some of the components can tolerate the raw voltage, will it upset the entire system if just the modules where 24V is essential are supplied through the buckboost?  The 0V will always be common.


If I can get away from needing the converter at all it would be a far more efficient setup, but running just a few things instead of the lot will also be more efficient.  I can mock all this up and do some testing, but I would really appreciate some proven answers that might save me a lot of time and also perhaps prevent the release of smoke!  You do remember that the only reason wires have insulation is to hold the smoke in, don't you?!  ha ha.





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