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Good day, I'm trying to program a remote monitor application my PLC, through internet:

Station: PLC (GPRS Modem)

Remote Monitor: PC (DSL Broadband --> Router ---> PC)


The PLC GPRS registration seems OK, and it gives an IP Add to my device,

Then set such unit to Listening Mode: (port 20257)


While on the Remote side, I've tried to Call the IP address indicated on PLC GPRS Registration

and using port 20257 but connection failed.


I've also tried port forwarding on my router but error persist.


I think this setup will work, but i don't where am i lacking into..

please, any inputs are very much appreciated... 

Thank you

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Hi CarlDevin,

Please use Timeout 10 Sec and retry 4-6 times.

To establish connection via GPRS for the first time will take number of seconds.

You can check communication by pinging GPRS IP. Change ping timeout to 10 Sec.

I hope this helps to establish connection.

In VisiLogic Communication Settings use IP of GPRS, Listening port you activated, and PLC Name (must !).

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Hi Alex,


Could you help me determining the cause of the error when I become connected to PLC using GPRS (with connected on status bar), when I try to online, I get a runtime error of '13' then followed by '440'. Is this software or system related?

this error occur on both visilogic and remote access.


Thank you very much in advance.

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