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Edit Data Table from HMI screen

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Just started out on PLC and was wondering whether one could change the information in the data table via the HMI screen? For example, My data table contains a group of phone numbers and i require to change them through my HMI. How do i go about it? It would great if someone could provide me with an example for better understanding. Thanks

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There are many ways to access and modify data table elements. The best way will depend on your particular application. There is a lot of detail in the help file and there are examples provided under the Help drop-down menu. If you are still having difficulty after going through the help files, you are welcome to PM me with specific questions and I will try and help.

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In order to accomplish this, you would need to read operand values from the data table using the row number as a pointer value. Once the value is read, it can be stored into "working" operands that you can place on your HMI screen. These working operands are just temporary. They can be changed via keypad entry and then it has written back to the data table in order to implement the changes. This process needs at least three steps to complete. The operand needs to be read and  then stored into working operands, which than can be altered on the HMI panel. Once that working operand is changed, it then has to be written back to the data table and that would complete the process.


Hope this information is useful.   

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