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Trend: Dinamic X Axis Time Frame and curves visability


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two questions and suggestions regarding Trend HMI element:



I would like the user to be able to change the X axis time frame, but the property window is not allowing to enter a Tag, but only a constant time frame value. any idea how to walk around this limitation?

I found that y axis minimum and maximum values can be changed dynamically by defining a tag within Trend curve List configuration. why cant i do it for X axis too?

I did consider using XY trend instead, but then the X variable cannot be displayed as time format.


I would like to suggest that this parameter will  linked to a global tag like timer preset. 



Changing curves visibility ON and OFF is a common property mostly implemented by trend graphs viewer and I find it very essential, like if the user or the program wand to focus on a particular curve, or just hide irreverent curves from the display.

any suggestion?

I would warmly suggest to implement a binary Tag for "Is Viable"  column, as for "Min Value" and "Max Value" column.  is it possible?


:rolleyes:  Thanks! 
  Ofer Yishai

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One workaround instead of directly using a timer would be to use numeric tag that could be incremented as needed. This tag could have a value increase by 1 every second, or by 1 every minute, what ever value you wish to correspond to how frequently you poll the data. This should allow you to have the same result as using a timer, though the format will not display in HH:MM:SS.


There currently is not a curve visibility option within the Data Sampler in UniLogic though we will pass that suggestion along to our software development team so they are aware of the interest.

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Hi Alexander,


Using a numeric tag for X axis is only possible with XY Trend, I did conciser using that solution,  but I am afraid displaying time as a number doesn't  look as "pro" as we like or as other Unistream features.  but I do have another workaround:  by duplicating a Trend screen few time, and each trend will be define to another time scale. alternatively to overlay several trend elements on one screen and control them by visibility tags. the lack with the second is  it is not easy to observe and select overlapping elements (BTW, why can't a screen icon be expand  to see all it containing elements like in Visilogic?) 


For the curve viability tag issue, I can use auxiliary variables, and force a value out of the viable limit, when it's cure is to be unchecked. But again, this is a go-around and not a real solution as it will be remain while scrolling with

Next Curve key.


Other issues concerning Trend :


A) I find that the History bottom is disabled while Start/End Sampling Bit is active. But what is there is an active process running, and still, user have to check some history trends? he can't stop logging just to check history!  Any way to define another trend element only for history, like in vision series "Trend from SD"? or any other suggestions to view history files wile logging is in progress?


B) What with the Y Axes decimal point issue?,  I found that it was already being discussed in that forum, but not solved yet..


I would strongly recommend to transfer this four points to R&D, and I will be glad to help with further details if requires. please keep me be informed if they find it essential and if planed to be implemented. It is very impotent to see if Unistream is suitable for certain projects (e.g. paperless recorders) even thou it will have to be updated sometime in the future. 


Thanks for advising and updating,





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