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We have an IO-AI4-AO2 module that has a fried inductor (L3 on one of the analog outputs), and we would like to get the internal diagrams of this module, to be able to replace the inductor- it is a SMD, and we would like to see what may have caused it to burn up. Can the internal diagram of this module be acquired/purchased from Unitronics?





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Hi Rodney;


I am not official Unitronics Support., but from years of working with Unitronics products and working with the support teams:


Unitronics has not and will not provide any type of internal documentation regarding the design of their products.


They have a decent warranty policy, and if this is the case, go that route.


If the item is out of the warranty period, then get a new unit - it is probably the best solution in the end.


Just because 1 component appears defective, does not mean there are others that have been damaged too.

Trying to get the components and the soldering techniques required to work with surface mounted components on

multilayered boards is now an art for the experienced and time consuming.


Also, making these repairs nulls out any certifications the unit originally had.



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