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Unitronics Jazz JZ20-R16 PSTN modem communication problem

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Hello everybody,

I try to use Jazz JZ20-R16 with add-on MJ20-PRG module kit to communicate with PC by an old PSTN voice/fax conexant modem. I dial up from PC-side modem to PLC-side modem.

The communication by a phone line does not pass through when i use standart pinout as in the manual.(http://www.unitronics.com/KnowledgeBase/U90Ladder/Communications/Modems/PLC_to_Modem_Connections_and_Pin-outs.htm)

I use the same AT initial strings as I use with M90 controller ( with M90 it works), manual says the cable should be different from M90 cable (should be 6 wire).

Please help me with pinout for the modem adapter.

PS with M90 I used non-standart pinout( instead of connecting 6-7 pin of DB9 adapter for the modem, I connected 4-6 and 7-8).



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