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Simple repeater setup?

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Hi again all,


One of my jobs has sprung up something unusual, and I am pondering solutions.  I have a V230 on a site, and for various reasons it is 25m from what it is controlling, all done via multiple long shielded runs of multicore which works perfectly.  Improvements are being considered which would create further length and practicality issues, so I may have to move the 230 direct onto the controlled item.  But the 'easy remote control" aspect still needs to exist.


I am wondering if there is a simple "repeater" function somewhere that I have missed.  In that I simply hook up another V230 via canbus and it imitates the screen and keypad actions exactly as seen on the Master, without actually doing a lot of programming on the slave.  Much like remote access works, but running as a direct link.


I know I could set this up via programming on the slave (sadly in this case it is a fairly complex program), just wondering if there is a special function etc somewhere that I have missed that would make my life much easier.


I'm also considering doing this with a dedicated little laptop or mini puter running remote access and a direct cat5 connection, but would prefer the real thing as it would likely be more stable and easier to use.


If such a thing might be considered as a useful addition by the creators, how long till it appears?!!!!





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