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Create internal Signals

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Hi currently I am trying to simulate a signal in Visilogic. For example, I thought about create a vector bit to number, to create a vector which starts in MI0 an it has 10 lenght (MI0,MI1,MI2,MI3,...MI9), with them I represent 10 diferent states which I show in the graphic.



I do not know if there are any block to do signals, anyway I would like to know how to set times between MI0,MI1,..., Because I would like to link this signal to a by range image in the HMI, 



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Square wave signals can be created by using the high speed PWM functions and varying the duty cycle (0-100%) of the 24V output signal. For example a duty cycle of 50% would result in the output representing a 12V output, or if connected to an external solid state relay 50% of the output power it was providing.


A sinusoidal wave may be more difficult to create depending on if you are using a PWM or analog output. An analog output may be the best to create a sinusoidal load.


What type of output are you planning on using?

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