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When using Unitronics and Asi the Asi gateway/ or controller has to support modbus or ethernet ip protocol to communicate with Unitronics.

In our plant we have Asi system from ifm and the Asi I/o is mapped to our CTI plc,s using profibus dp protocol.

We use ifm ac1412 gateways. With Unitronics and Ifm gateway Ac1422 would be needed.

There are besides ifm Also Asi vendors like turck, bihl & wiedemann, pepperl & fuchs who have Asi controllers and gateways.

I think that once the communication between Unitronics and Asi gateway is established then it would not be to difficult to get the i/o devices working.

There are a lot of examples on this website how to get modbus tcp or ethernet ip (only Unistream)running.

Kind regards


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Hey Guys ,


Has anyone ever experience working with Unitronics and AS-i ? If so what was the way forward ?


I used Pepperl+Fuchs Gateway with Modbus TCP/IP. I made projects with Vision but now I preferred to use Unistream. 


You can see a sample demo we made: 


And this one: https://www.facebook.com/ober.yela/videos/vb.543626310/10153942334791311/?type=2&theater

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