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Yes of course, I will attach my program, in the picture you can see a red circule, this one is suppose to blink. It blinks but not normal.


I do not know how to upload a file in the forum, anyway I will upload in google drive. Here is my project. I upload because I have two more questions which I am trying to solve.




Thanks a lot

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The issue you are experiencing is due to the subrouotine "ALARMS" being called twice in one scan.  You have the subroutine being called through the "DISPLAYS" Routine, then also when the Alarms screen is being displayed. 


I would delete one of the calls for the "ALARMS" subroutine; I deleted the calls from the "Links and Jumps" section for the screen.  I do not believe you need these calls (upon loading the screen, while the screen is displayed, and upon unload of the screen).  Please let me know if this helps.

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I create three buttons to simulate swithes. These buttons are in the red square. I am referring to a sounder which I draw in the HMI inside the yellow square.


This Sounder has three states as you can she in the net called Alarm graphics:


State 1-- is linked with: (WHITE state)

  1. Analog input by range 0-218  OR
  2. switch 2 --> button 2 is pulse   OR
  3. switch 3 --> button 3 is pulse 

State 2-- is linked with: (YELLOW state)

  1. Analog input by range 219-243  OR
  2. switch 1 --> button 1 is pulse 

State 3-- is linked with: (RED state)

  1. Analog input by range 244-260

Then depend of the state it is storage in MI13 which is linked with a by point picture in the HMI.


The main problem is the picture does not refresh properly and if I change the HMI, the screen refres to initial state.

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I believe this may have something to do with the multiple times this subroutine (FUEL & TRANSFER SYSTEM) is being called. 


You have the subroutine linked via the Links & Jumps section attached to this HMI screen (FUEL & TRANSFER SYSTEM) sow when the display is loaded, being displayed, and when the screen is unloaded, this subroutine is called.  Then, on top of these calls, you call the routine from the DISPLAYS routine, ALARMS subroutine, and again in the POWER PLANT subroutine.  So the logigc for the alarm is ran about 4 times in one scan.  Please remove all calls for the FUEL & TRANSFER SYSTEM subroutine and only call it from the DISPLAYS routine (the Main Routine).


Please let me know if this helps.  If now, please send the updated code to support@unitronics.com for further support, or upload it here for me to review.

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