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Display built-in alarm in V430

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In an my project I use V430 PLC, and I want to use built-in alarms. Following the example in Visilogic helps,  I wrote logic. But, In real, I can't activate alarm display. On the pictures, you will be able to see how I done it. Please, have anybody idea where I make mistake or exist something else in this case..

Thank you in advance.




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Dear s.pratt,

please, tell me way how to send code?

Best regards,


Please either upload the program in oour forum, then attach it through the "My Media" button.  Or upload it to a website, and provide a link for us to achieve the download.  Or you may send this in to support@unitronics.com and we would be happy to review this issue. 


Please note, for any urgent matters, you may call or e-mail into our support team and someone will be happy to assist you.

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I'm using V570 and is having the same issue. 

I can see the block activated when I press the button, still I cannot see any alarm to appear.  I see a "0" for my MI8 and MI9 when I press the button.

OS version: 4.7 (30), Visilogic version: 9.8.90 Build 0. Am I missing something ?

I attached my Program.


Please help.










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