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I am using a V1040 for the first time.


The issue I'm facing is that, I have 2 buttons on the HMI with TOUCH assigned to them. These 2 buttons control the Jog FWD & Jog REV of a motor. Since they are used for the Jog function, the respective action takes place till the buttons are touched. I experienced some thing very strange today.


I was Jogging FWD and noticed a speck of dirt on the screen, wiped off the dirt with the other hand and lo presto! even though my finger was on the Jog FWD, the other touch stopped the process. This never happened with V570?


Is this behavior normal?


Is there any bit that can stop the 2nd touch from interfering?


Pl reply





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Hello Lawry,


The touchscreens are only capable of interpreting one touch (there is one x-coordinate and one y-coordinate).


If two points touch the screen, it will average the two touches and point to the averged x and y coordinate values.  There is no bit that will allow you to ignore a second touch as it does not have a way of interpretting when there are two touched points.

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