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  1. Thank you Ausman The blue spanner icon is a DELL support alert to carry out a hardware scan. Will try your suggestion A Happy Christmas to you and all the others in the Unitronic's family
  2. I installed V9.8.65 on the 15th of December, 2017, since then, every time I use Visilogic, i get the prompt as displayed in the picture attached. I can get round it by clicking cancel twice, but its annoying. Please Help!
  3. As per help file, the function on rung 5 should be of equal and not of unequal as is in your case
  4. Hi, The website of Unitronics shows that Ethernet communication is possible with M91 ( as in the screen capture attached). However, there is no mention as to which models have this capability, or which is the add on to be added to enable this feature. Pl clarify. Lawry ScreenCapture.pdf
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