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Modbus Mst start of vector error?


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Hi all,


today I have had to work for the first time with a modbus device that uses numbers over 32767.  I merrily coded away using the available options in the dropdowns, specifically ML and DW in the Slave start of vector and the Master start of vector.  No matter what I did I couldn't get it to work when I had ML and DW in use on the Master start of vector.  Works fine on the Slave start, but on the Master start only MI would work, and it then went inverted once 32767 was exceeded.  I eventually went to the help file and discovered that only MIs are listed for the Master SOV.  Not ML & DW.


If they aren't available, they shouldn't be listed in the dropdown.  See the pics.


Lost quite a few hours on this as had to do it on a slow remote connection on a canbus slave, which all takes more time and makes one grumpy!  I can do maths to get around the issue, but based on my results I politely request that it is a fault that should be cured.







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