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Run as Admin observation.


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Hi all,


a recurring theme in forum questions is Run as Admin issues.


I believe it would be a simple but good idea to have an initial window appear at the very beginning of any Unitronics installation, saying that the install has to be run as Admin and also that the program has to be set to do so as well.  Such a window could include a quick sentence or two on how to do this, and would go a long way to preventing significant, time wasting problems that give first users of Unitronics gear bad impressions because it doesn't work properly.


I have seen so-called automatic admin installs not work correctly on many of the programs I use. I also think that whatever security program one uses is also involved in this regard.  I'm likely wrong, but in my experience the only way to make sure it happens is to manually do it yourself from the word go.  Even though I know of the issue, I still forget now and then, only to be caught later.







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