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Questions on the PID Controller;

-Does "run Autotune" always have to be implemented to get the "run PID" working?

-I can not find the "AT params struct" described in the documentation. (unistream/Unilogic?

-Can the Controller be run in Auto/Manual as an ordinary Controller?

-How can I set my parameters without autotuning?

-Is the Controller bidirectional (positiv and negativ MV and CV)

-Is it a seris or parallell PID algorithm?

I have tried to use "runPID" but i struggle getting the output to behave like a normal PID Controller. Toutput does not change even if I change between reverse and Direct action (stays at minimum) , and status remain 9 or 12.

Do you have any better/more detailed documentation than what is in Your help file?


Anders Meeg

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On 15.5.2016 at 8:36 AM, Joe Tauser said:

You don't need to Autotune if you don't want to.  Just set the P,I, and D values.


It is critical that all the other parameters of the block be set or it won't work.  Can you post your code?


Joe T.

Hi, Joe the Guru! :)

I am pretty new in to UniLogic and Unitronics. I am a teacher and we have bought a couple of Unitronics touch panels with aditionals I/O.

Is it possible to make  a easy startup file that include a easy PID without autotune.

I see that you say all other parameters has to be set to get the PID to work. How do I do that in practice?

Attached my first PID project.... :)


Test PID_5.ulpr

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