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Use checkbox in operands list


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I think "Use" check box is wrong checked at operands list in Visilogic. If operand has Description "Use" check box is automatically marked, but operand is not referenced in project. I know that i can see unused operands in project by  "Operands Not Referenced in Project", but if will show true state of operand in operands list, it will be more faster. 

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+1 on this. Also, on this topic, it would be very nice if there was an easy way to clear out a whole section of operand descriptions (without using the group function when creating a contact or coil, which can be cumbersome). Even exporting the descriptions to Excel, deleting the unwanted descriptions and importing them back in does not work. I realize that there is a function for deleting all unused operands, but typically I don't want to delete ALL of them, just a particular section.

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