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Can't get the V570 to register any inputs, both analog and digital

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Hello everybody,

Sorry to bother you with this but i do need some help. I can't seem to get the PLC i'm using, the V570 with the V200-18-E2B Snap-in I/O Module, to register any inputs, digital or otherwise. I've a horrid feeling that it is something completely obvious that i'm not seeing but its better asking for help now then later. Just for reference, all the inputs have been securely fastened and the plugs in which there connected to have been properly inserted into there respected ports and inputs.


Along with this ask for help, i've added both the code im using and the a diagram showing how the inputs are connected (sorry its in paint but i couldn't get access to electrical AutoCAD). If you do look into this, thanks for your help and hope you can sort my problem.





P.S; The reason why the first the first screen is blank in the HMI is because it contained sensitive info, there is no problem there.


P.SS; I've also attempted creating a password screen but i can't seem to get the hang of it, any suggestions? Thanks again!

FYP Code.vlp


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  • MVP 2023

Thank you for posting your code.  I hate when people ask specific questions and don't post what they've tried!


I don't know if it matters, but the documentation on the module shows two different common terminals.  Do you have your 0V connected to the right one?


Your Password button did not have a Legal Entry bit assigned.  This gets turned on when the password matches and is used to trigger another screen.  It also has the annoying habit of staying on, so it must be reset from code.


Some comments on your code-


1.  Only put one logical operation per net.  The compiler can produce unpredictable results if it has to start a rung more than once.


2.  Don't rename the ! Start-Up Display.


3.  I added MB 12 for Password OK.  Look at the Links and Jumps tab - it goes immediately to Main.  I wouldn't make the user wait for a screen jump - it makes them think the system is ignoring them or is slow and stupid.


4.  Use one of the Simple keypads for numeric entry.  The Complex is overkill, but unfortunately is the default.


5.  Don't continually call a display.  It will sit there and blink at you and not allow input.


Joe T.




FYP Code JT.vlp

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